Life in Chastity

A blog detailing my first experiances and steps into chastity. Hope someone is interested.

30 days

Having had some time away from this, I am currently on day 30 of 30 self set days without an orgasm!

So far so good

Since getting my cb6000, I’ve warn it each day.  Due to it being a shorter model, I can’t sleep in it, it hurts in a bad way :(

However, I have only cum once, which I feel is a good start.  It happened on Friday evening.  I am now aiming to do longer, and then to try and cum while wearing the device, using a number of toys on myself.  

Day 0: It’s here!

It’s arrived!

At 10am this morning my postman turned up with a discreet package for me. I knew what it was.

My CB6000s (a cheap knock-off really) was here and i was very excited!  To excited to put it on,

I soon calmed myself tough and with the help of lube I got my cock into the small cage.  As you can see from the picture it’s a tight squeeze but I’m in.  I’ll report how my first 24 hours goes tomorrow.

First post

So, I’ve set up a blog!

In the middle of last week I ordered myself a CB6000 from ebay.  I am expecting delivery of it on Tuesday and am very excited!

I’ve never owned a chastity device before, though have tried in the past to go without orgasm, I feel this will help me.

I guess I will post again when it arrives.